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LnkMed , a pioneer in the field of diagnostic imaging ,has always conducted business under high standards of quality and ethics. We also gain increasing competitiveness compared to our peers through:

Mature Production Process

Since its establishment in 2018, LnkMed has continuously improved and standardized the production process, and has strictly controlled everything from raw material procurement to assembly line production to final quality inspection and assembly. Ensure that our products are safe for customers to use.

A complete production schedule and skilled workers can complete customer orders on time. Usually we can complete the order production within 10 days. High-efficiency production capacity is also the reason why customers choose to cooperate with us.

Innovative and Competitive Products

The advantages of LnkMed injectors make it works well in enabling precise and flexible delivery of the injection accuracy: variable flow capabilities, up to 2,000 injection protocols storage capability, dual flow of contrast media and saline, etc. We have also designed some easy-to -use features to facilitate streamlining workflow: Automatic function including automatic filling and priming, automatic plunger advance and retract; Bluetooth communication; lockable wheels for mobility and so on.

Rigorous Quality Inspection

We have implemented comprehensive management and quality control systems from the raw material selection to the final quality inspection. We only adopt high quality components which would be stored in raw material warehouse with pollution-free condition; for electronic parts, we store them  in a freezing rooms for normal function.All components would be labeled for further use.Our operation staff  strictly conduct production according to the operation guidebook and work flowchart in pollution-free ,clean areas. Any errors would be recorded for warning and further study.

Recognition from Certificates and Extensive Global Customers

Leveraging years of research and innovation, LnkMed is capable of offering a complete portfolio of injectors which have obtains authoritative certificates like ISO13485, FSC.

Our products are also warmly welcomed by customers from all over the world thanks to its reliable, flexible and safe design.

Comprehensive Customer Service

Besides of technical support and productivity, the continued progress of contrast agent injectors is also inseparable from the feedback of customer. We care voices from our customers. and we can provide effective solutions from  our team-members and shareholders all with PHD Degree.They are capable of readily technical guidance by Live Chat, virtual and even on-site training for global customers with their proficient oral and written English.


What We Do

We are focusing on the medical imaging industrial and committed to providing high quality products and services.

Our Purpose

We care each patient somewhere in the world diagnosed or treated by our products can get benefit from it.

We have endeavored to ensure that our product technology is iterated and meets the highest level of safety, quality and efficiency in the medical imaging market since the creation of our very first product in 2018 by LnkMed's technical team.

We are determined to achieve our final goal-enhance the quality of life of patients around the world-by providing high-quality injectors.

Our Mission

Company mission

We aim to provide power injectors and consumables with proved effectiveness and safety.

Healthcare mission

We want, in all humility, to be of service to our customers and their patients, that’s why we strive to consciously optimize our products and services.

Cooperation mission

We establish our relationships based on respect and integrity and place it at the heart of all our relationships and actions with customers, employees, partners, shareholders, society and the world. We pursue truly value-driven cooperation.

Our Values

Caring for others is at the very heart of our company. We have always made endeavor to achieve this core by:

providing our products and services to physicians to meet their goal in diagnosing and treating millions of people around the world;

cooperate with our scientific and technological partners together to work on new solutions for a better future for imaging industry.

Why Choose Us?

A Cost Saving Supplier

Our injectors are affordable. They work well with various CT/MRI scanner brands such as GE, Philips, Siemens. Our priority is to support our customers who need improve quality, ensure traceability and regulatory compliance, and optimize budgets.

Mature Product Portfolio

With skilled production process, LnkMed supports healthcare professionals with  injectors for CT,MRI and angiography as well as a large and flexible range of consumables. Optimize the budget and saving time by selecting us.

Quality Assurance

As a quality-oriented manufacturer, each product undergoes strict tests before packing. We conduct multiple QC testing every time during production. A  strict investigation and updated solution will be soon made if there will be any product problem.LnkMed has passed many high requirement Factory Audit thanks to this principle.

Our consumables are produced in sterile workshops and have a complete set of strict hygiene management. Workers must wear protective clothing and undergo strict disinfection procedures before entering the workshop every day.

Complete Registration Certificate

Our products have obtained various certificates at home and abroad. Promptly providing you with the certificates required by your local health bureau will help you complete complex registrations quickly.