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  • LnkMed’s CT injectors in Medical Imaging

    Contrast media  injectors are medical devices that are employed for injecting contrast media into the body to enhance the visibility of tissues for medical imaging procedures. Through technological advancements, these medical devices have evolved from simple manual injectors to automated systems ...
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  • Introduction of LnkMed’s CT Contrast Media Injector

    The CT Single Head Injector and CT Double Head Injector unveiled on 2019 has been sold to many overseas countries,.which features automation for individualized patient protocols and personalized imaging,works well in improving the efficiency of the CT workflow. It includes a daily setup process f...
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  • What is a High Pressure Contrast Media Injector?

    1. What are contrast high-pressure injectors and what are they used for?   In general, contrast agent high-pressure injectors are used to enhance blood and perfusion within the tissue by injecting a contrast agent or contrast media. They are commonly used in diagnostic and interventional radiolog...
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  • Medical Imaging Goes Mobile to Improve Healthcare

    When someone has a stroke, the timing of medical help is critical. The quicker the treatment, the better the patient’s chance of making a full recovery. But doctors need to know which type of stroke to treat. For example, thrombolytic drugs break up blood clots and can help treat strokes th...
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  • Enhancing Mammography Quality with AI in Diagnostic Imaging for Women: ASMIRT 2024 Presents Findings

    At the Australian Society for Medical Imaging and Radiotherapy (ASMIRT) conference in Darwin this week, Women’s Diagnostic Imaging (difw) and Volpara Health have jointly announced significant progress in the application of artificial intelligence to mammography quality assurance. Over the c...
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  • Enhancing Patient Care with AI-Based Attenuation Correction in PET Imaging

    A new study titled “Utilizing Pix-2-Pix GAN for Deep Learning-Based Whole-Body PSMA PET/CT Attenuation Correction” was recently published in Volume 15 of Oncotarget on May 7, 2024.   The radiation exposure from sequential PET/CT studies in oncology patient follow-up is a concern....
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  • Differences Between CT Scans and MRIs: How They Work and What They Show

    CT and MRI use different techniques to show different things – neither is necessarily “better” than the other. Some injuries or conditions can be seen with the naked eye. Others require a deeper understanding.   If your health care provider suspects a condition such as internal ...
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  • 6 Frequently Asked Questions About MRI Exams

    If a person is injured while exercising, their healthcare practitioner will order an X-ray. An MRI may be needed if it is severe. However, some patients are so anxious that they desperately need someone who can explain in detail what this type of test entails and what they can expect. Understanda...
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  • Is the Cost-Effectiveness of Lung Cancer CT Screening Apparent?

    The National Lung Screening Trial (NLST) data indicates that computed tomography (CT) scans can lower lung cancer mortality by 20 percent in comparison to chest X-rays. A fresh examination of the data indicates that it might also be economically viable.   Historically, lung cancer screening...
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  • Trimmer Capacitors for Portable or In-Suite MRI Machines Without Magnetic Properties

    MRI systems are so powerful and require so much infrastructure that, until recently, they required their own dedicated rooms. A portable magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system or Point of Care (POC) MRI machine is a compact mobile device designed for imaging patients outside of traditional MRI k...
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  • Tracking – Patient Radiation Dose in Diagnostic Imaging

    Medical imaging examination is a “fierce eye” for insight into the human body. But when it comes to X-rays, CT, MRI, ultrasound, and nuclear medicine, many people will have questions: Will there be radiation during the examination? Will it cause any harm to the body? Pregnant women, i...
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  • How Can Safety Be Increased for Patients who Undergo Frequent Medical Imaging?

    A virtual meeting held by the International Atomic Energy Agency this week discussed progress made in reducing radiation-related risks while maintaining benefits for patients who require frequent medical imaging. Participants discussed the impact and concrete actions needed to strengthen patient ...
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