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Customers Services

With Care in Mind

LnkMed after-sale service is intended to optimize operation time, maximizing value, reducing risk, and keeping LnkMed devices performing at peak efficiency.

As we know, after-sales service is crucial for customers to use with real confidence. Just like LnkMed shows when selling products, after-sales service is also an aspect that LnkMed attaches great importance to. We listen directly to what our customer's say, explain everything to remove confusion, and set ourselves to always deliver solutions quickly so that the clinical scene doesn't get delayed. We provide the customer a standard warranty (typically 12 months) that covers the majority of issues. We believe providing prompt solutions and recovery plans is one of the best ways to increase customer trust.

Precise, Comprehensive, Guaranteed.

Invest in LnkMed injectors and consumables and get the following after-sale service:

Technical assistance of solutions directly on the phone

Our service team works assist you according to your preferred schedule

Quick spare parts shipment

Spare parts during the warranty time is available

Professional training for your employees

1- year warranty

A Reliable Service Team

LnkMed customer service is confident in keep customer satisfaction because we are backed by our knowledgeable and sophisticated technical team. Our readily available certified experts are committed to making the continuity in your daily operations a top priority.

Our customer service aims to drive uptime, patient safety, image quality, equipment life and customer satisfaction.