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LnkMed Medical Technology Co.,Ltd (“LnkMed “)  is specialized in the research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of Contrast Medium Injection Systems. Located in shenzhen,China, LnkMed’s purpose is to improve people’s lives by shaping the future of prevention and precision diagnostic imaging. We are an innovative world leader delivering end-to-end products and solutions through our comprehensive portfolio across diagnostic imaging modalities.


The LnkMed portfolio includes products and solutions for all key diagnostic imaging modalities: X-ray imaging, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and Angiography,they are CT single injector, CT double head injector, MRI injector and Angiography high pressure injector. We have approximately 50 employees and operates in more than 15 markets globally. LnkMed has a well-skilled and innovative Research and Development (R&D) organization with an efficient process-oriented approach and track record in the diagnostic imaging industry. We aim to make our products to be ever more effective to meet your patient-centered demand and to be recognized by clinical agencies world-wide.


In order to be a pioneer in offering good medical device for many years to come, LnkMed will always be working on the development of new contrast agent injectors.



  • Years-of-Experience

    Years of Experience

    LnkMed’s specialists are PHD Degree, they have more than 10 decades experience in imaging industry. They are ready to offer remote technical support to help you identify best practices and efficiency opportunities
  • Quality-Demands

    Quality Demands

    We firmly believe that quality is the cornerstone of growth. LnkMed has a strict quality control management system from the raw material selection to the final quality inspection. Our products are certificated with ISO13485, ISO9001.
  • Customers-services

    Customers Services

    LnkMed has a successful integrated supply chain management system. Thanks to it, LnkMed find causes and provide solutions precisely to customer needs. What's more, we can send our specialist if necessary for guidance. This customer service is one of the reasons that make us overwhelmingly trusted and liked by our customers.
  • Distributers


    Honor injectors and consumables are currently distributed in over 15 countries and regions. LnkMed is eager to build a long-last business relationship with our customers all over the world and are working hard in this direction.


LnkMed’s CT injectors in Medical Imaging

Contrast media  injectors are medical devices that are employed for injecting contrast media into the body to enhance the visibility of tissues for medical imaging procedures. Through technological advancements, these medical devices have evolved from simple manual injectors to automated systems ...

The CT Single Head Injector and CT Double Head Injector unveiled on 2019 has been sold to many overseas countries,.which features automation for individualized patient protocols and personalized imaging,works well in improving the efficiency of the CT workflow. It includes a daily setup proces...
1. What are contrast high-pressure injectors and what are they used for?   In general, contrast agent high-pressure injectors are used to enhance blood and perfusion within the tissue by injecting a contrast agent or contrast media. They are commonly used in diagnostic and interventional ra...
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