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Angiographic Syringe For Guerbet Mallinckrodt Liebel-Flarsheim Angiomat 6000, Angiomat Illumena

Short Description:

Lnkmed supplies angiographic syringe for Guerbet Mallinckrodt Liebel-Flarsheim injector includes Angiomat 6000, Angiomat Illumena. The Angiomat 6000 syringe is 150mL and Angiomat Illumena syringes are 150mL and 200mL. Antmed Angiography Syringes are latex-free and transparent which provide a crystal clearly view of the contrast medium. The angiographic syringe package contains one 150mL or 200mL syringe and quick fill tube.

Product Detail

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Injector Model Manufacturer Code Contents/Package Picture
Guerbet Mallinckrodt Liebel-Flarsheim ANGIOMAT 6000 600269 Contents: 1-150ml syringe
1-quick fill tube
Packing: 50pcs/case
 product description01
Guerbet Mallinckrodt Liebel-Flarsheim ANGIOMAT ILLUMENA 900101
Contents: 1-150ml syringe
1-quick fill tube
Packing: 50pcs/case
 product description02

Product Information

Volume: 150ml
For contrast media delivery and diagnostic imaging
3-year shelf life
CE0123, ISO13485 certificated
DEHP Free, Non-Toxic, Non-Pyrogenic
ETO sterilized and single-use only
Compatible injector model: Guerbet Mallinckrodt Angiomat 6000, Angiomat Illumena


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