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LnkMed Honor-C1101 Single Head Contrast Media Injector

Short Description:

Honor-C1101 is a CT single contrast delivery system designed by LnkMed professionals with years of experience and advances in technology. Performance, interoperability,ingenuity, reliability, and much more make it meet the latest requirement of the applications in computed tomography. Honor-C1101 allows you to ensure operational safety while delivering quality patient care.

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Better Safety:

Honor-C1101 CT high pressure injector minimizes problems with specifically designed technical functions, including:

Real time pressure monitoring: the contrast media injector provides pressure monitoring in real time.

Waterproof Design: Allows to minimize the injector damage from contrast or saline leakage.

Timely warning :The injector stops injection with a tone sounds and a message displays once the pressure exceeds the programmed pressure limit.

Air purge locking function: Injection is inaccessible before air purging once this function starts.

Injection can be halted at any time by pressing the stop button.

Angle detection function: guarantees that the injection enabled only when the head is tilted down

Servo Motor: Compared with the stepping motor used by competitors, this motor ensures more accurate pressure curve line. The same motor as Bayer.

LED Knob: The manual knobs are electronically controlled and equipped with signal lamps for better visibility.

Optimized Workflow

Simplify your workflow by getting access to the following advantage of LnkMed injector:

Large touchscreen increases readability and operational flexibility between patient room and control room.

Modernized user interface leads to an easier, clearer and more precise programming in less time.

Wireless Bluetooth communication provides more flexibility, enables robust and continuous usage at any time and reduces installation costs.

Streamlining processes with automatic operations such as automatic filling and priming, automatic plunger advance and retract when attaching and detaching syringes

Simple, secure pedestal with universal wheel for the workstation in the Control Room

Snap-on syringe design

The information you need can be highlighted to perform injections confidently

The syringe provides a clear view of the contrast

Customized Protocols:

Allows customized protocols – up to 8 phases

Saves up to 2000 customized injection protocols

Wide Applicability

Can be connected with various imaging equipment such as GE, PHILIPS, ZIEHM, NEUSOFT, SIEMENS, etc.


Electrical Requirements AC 220V, 50Hz 200VA
Pressure Limit 325psi
Syringe 200ml
Injection Rate 0.1~10ml/s in 0.1 ml/s increments
Injection Volume 0.1~ syringe volume
Pause Time 0 ~ 3600s, 1 second increments
Hold Time 0 ~ 3600s, 1 second increments
Multi-phase Injection Function 1-8 phases
Protocol Memory 2000
Injection History Memory 2000


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