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LnkMed Honor-A1101 Angiography High Pressure Contrast Media Injector

Short Description:

The Honor A-1101 is an injector designed for delivering precise injection of contrast media in angiography procedures at high pressures. It allows to address the needs of healthcare professionals in the angiography room.  Honor A-1101 is designed for power and performance and enables users to easily use it with a clearly visible and intuitive user interface.

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Honor-A1101 has a variety of functions and features with cutting-edge technology in:



The console displays requested information precisely


All the items and data can be viewed on the control panel of the display, the accuracy of operation is greatly enhanced thanks to it.

LED Knob

LED Knob with signal lights equipped at the bottom of the injector head enhance visibility

Air Detection Warning Function

Identifies empty syringes and air bolus

Several Automatic Functions

The staff can get daily operations support by the following automatic functions this injector is equipped with:

Automatic filling and purging

Automatic syringe identification

One-click syringe loading & auto-retract rams


High accuracy of injection volume and injection rate

Syringe: Accommodates 150mL and prefilled syringes

Easy cleaning and hygiene: the injector reduces contamination risk thanks to it.

Wireless and mobile configuration provides flexibility to quickly change examination rooms.

Waterproof Design helps minimize the injector damage from contrast/saline leakage, ensures the safety of clinic operation

Snap-on syringe installation design: easy to use, simplified operation.

Turning Portably and Agilely: With the new casters the injector can be moved with less effort and quieter on imaging room floors.

Servo Motor: Servo motor makes the pressure curve line more accurate. The same motor as Bayer.


Electrical Requirements AC 220V, 50Hz 200VA
Pressure Limit 1200psi
Syringe 150ml
Injection Rate 0.1~45ml/s in 0.1 ml/s increments
Injection Volume 0.1~ syringe volume
Pause Time 0 ~ 3600s, 1 second increments
Hold Time 0 ~ 3600s, 1 second increments
Multi-phase Injection Function 1-8 phases
Protocol Memory 2000
Injection History Memory 2000
Power Supply 100-240VAC,50/60Hz,200VA
Flow Rate 0.1-45ml/s
Pressure Limit 1200PSI
Piston Rod speed 9.9ml/s
Auto filling Rate  8ml/s
Injection Records 2000
Injection Program 2000
Syringe Volume 1-150ml
User programmableinjection sequenties 6
Part Description Quantity Material
Scan room unit Injector 1 6061 Aluminum and ABS PA-757(+)
Scan room unit Touch display screen 1 ABS PA-757(+)

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