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LnkMed Honor-M2001 MRI Contrast Media Injector

Short Description:

Focusing on the needs of users who want to efficiently manage the injection of contrast media and saline, we have designed our MRI injector-Honor-M2001. Advanced technologies and years of experience adopted in this injector enables its quality of scans and more precise protocols, and optimizes its integration into the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) environment.

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Configuration Features

Non-magnetic body: Honor-M2001 MRI injection system is specifically suited for use in MRI rooms because it is a non-magnetic item.

Brushless DC motor: The large blocks of copper adopted in Honor-M2001works well in EMI Shield, magnetic susceptibility artifact and metal artifact removal, ensures a smooth 1.5-7.0T MRl imaging.

Aluminum casing: lough, stable and yet light, easy to clean and hygienic.

LED Knob: LED Knob with signal lights equipped at the bottom of the injector head enhance visibility

Waterproof Design: Minimize the injector damage from contrast/saline leakage. ensures the safety of clinic operation

Compact Design: Easy transport and storage

Battery-free: Eliminates the time & cost that caused by battery changing and replacement.

Function Features

Real time pressure monitoring: This secure function helps the contrast media injector provides pressure monitoring in real time.

Volume Precision: Down to 0.1mL, enables more precise timing of the injection

Air Detection Warning Function: Identifies empty syringes and air bolus

Automatic plunger advance and retract: When the syringes are set, the auto presser automatically detects the back end of the plungers, so the setting of syringes can be done safely

Digital volume indicator: Intuitive digital display ensures more accurate injection volume and increases operator confidence

Multiple phases protocols: Allows customized protocols – up to 8 phases; Saves up to 2000 customized injection protocols

3T compatible/non-ferrous: The powerhead, power control unit, and remote stand are designed for use in the MR suite

Time saving features 

Bluetooth Communication: Cordless design helps keep your floors clear of tripping hazards and simplify layout and installation.

User-friendly interface: Honor-M2001 has an intuitive, icon-driven interface which is easy to learn, set up, and use. This reduced handling and manipulation, minimizes the risk of patient contamination

Better Injector Mobility: The injector can go where it needs to go in the medical environment, even around corners with its smaller base, lighter head, universal and lockable wheels, and support arm.

Other Features

Automatic syringe identification

Automated filling and priming

Snap-on syringe installation design


Electrical Requirements AC 220V, 50Hz 200VA
Pressure Limit 325psi
Syringe A: 65ml B: 115ml
Injection Rate 0.1~10ml/s in 0.1 ml/s increments
Injection Volume 0.1~ syringe volume
Pause Time 0 ~ 3600s, 1 second increments
Hold Time 0 ~ 3600s, 1 second increments
Multi-phase Injection Function 1-8 phases
Protocol Memory 2000
Injection History Memory 2000

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