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Introduction of LnkMed’s CT Contrast Media Injector

The CT Single Head Injector and CT Double Head Injector unveiled on 2019 has been sold to many overseas countries,.which features automation for individualized patient protocols and personalized imaging,works well in improving the efficiency of the CT workflow.

It includes a daily setup process for loading CT contrast material and connecting the appropriate patient line with which clinicians can complete in under two minutes.

CT double head in jecgtor LnkMed

LnkMed Honor CT contrast media injection system handles a 200-mL syringe size(for CT dual head injector, there are 2-200ml syringe size.) and offers new technology for enhanced visualization of fluids, greater accuracy of injection volume. LnkMed injectors can be used with very little training, as they are produced in a standardized way.


Our customers get a lot of benefit from a combination of features of our CT injection system. They are:


  1. enabling users to set fliud flow rate, volume, pressure at one time,
  2. enabling continuously scan at two speeds to maintain the concentration of contrast agent in the blood, performs well in multi-slice spiral CT scans.
  3. More arteries and Lesion characteristics can be revealed thanks to its good interoperability and design.
  4. The waterproof design avoids the risk of leakage and makes the quality more stable thus helps extends its lifespan.
  5. Modern touch screens and multiple automated functions simplify the workflow, increase operational efficiency, which means less device wear and tear.

Invest in LnkMed’s CT injector is economically worthwhile.

CT double head


For healthcare people can also get a lots of clinical benefits from our CT high pressure injectors:

  1. Our CT double head injector enables to perform simultaneous injection of contrast and saline at different ratios with which the whole heart can be visualized more clearly. 
  2. Enabling the injector to provide more uniform attenuation of the right and left ventricles, 3. minimizing artifacts by achieving proper attenuation levels, and visualize the right coronary arteries and right ventricles in a single study by achieving more uniform attenuation.

All in all, our CT injectors play an important role in providing more accurate medical imaging diagnosis.

LnkMed CT double head injector

For more information about our products and services, please contact us at info@lnk-med.com.



Post time: Jun-07-2024