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How can LnkMed Keep Pace with Injector Market Trends? -LnkMed MRI Injector introduction

Today we will focus on introducing our MRI contrast media injector.
We know that contrast media injectors are used to inject contrast agents to enhance the blood and perfusion in tissues. But there is a problem, the injection process will cause the waste of contrast media.
But there have been several recent advances with contrast media injector technology, including cutting costs by reducing contrast waste and automated data collection for the dose a patient receives. Most companies are developing innovative products to reduce contrast media waste and gain a competitive advantage. LnkMed is doing so,too. Its continuously growing technology helps LnkMed gains more and more positive comments. LnkMed believes that their products are contributing to the devlopment of radiology and imaging diagnosis. Let’s take several minutes to have a look at one of its four type injector-the MRI injector(Model No:Honor-M2001).
LnkMed’s MRI Injector is designed with several highlights.The whole machine is non-magnetic,which is specifically suited for use in MRI rooms.It adopts a brushless DC motor.The large blocks of copper adopted in it works well in EMI Shield, magnetic susceptibility artifact and metal artifact removal, ensures a smooth 1.5-7.0T MRl imaging.
The aluminum casing is lough, stable and yet light, easy to clean and hygienic.The LED Knob equipped at the bottom of the injector head enhance visibility.
The whole injector is waterproof ,which minimize the injector damage from contrast or saline leakage. It is easy transport and storage thanks to its compact design. What’s more, Honor-M2001 MRI injector is battery-free,eEliminates the time cost that caused by battery changing and replacement. For more products advantage information,please click here to get: https://www.lnk-med.com/lnkmed-honor-mri-contrast-medium-injection-system-product/

MRI Injector
Acording to the report entitled “Contrast Injector Systems Market,” issued by Allied Market Research, the contrast injector systems market exhibits a robust trajectory, with a noteworthy emphasis on product segmentation. Then what promote the increasement? The report shows that it is the increase in number of angiography, CT, and MRI procedures, growth in technological sophistication, and surge in chronic diseases that drive the growth of the global contrast injector systems market.
Facing the current development trend, LnkMed will always maintain a firm attitude in product research and development, insist on quality first, continue to innovate, and provide the market with products with better performance to compete with international big names. We are confident enough to grasp this trend and make our products recognized by more global customers.
Please reach us for any questions at info@lnk-med.com. Looking to new cooperation with worldwide wholesalers and distributors to relaize win-win outcome.

Post time: Nov-16-2023