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Learn More about High Pressure Contrast Media Injector

This article aims to update your knowledge about high pressure contrast media injector.

First, what is contrast media  high pressure injector and what are they used for?

Generally speaking, contrast media high pressure injector is used to inject contrast media or contrast agents to enhance the blood and perfusion in tissues. They are used routinely in diagnostic and interventional radiology.

Healthcare person use it for imaging diagnosis. It consists of a barrel with a plunger and a pressure device. Contrast media injectors in imaging and interventional radiology ensure optimized opacification and delineation of normal anatomy, including arterial and venous anatomy and abnormal lesions. Today, several imaging and interventional studies require pressure injectors, as in CT (CT angiography, three-phase abdominal organ studies, cardiac CT, pre- and post-stent analysis, and perfusion CT and MRI [contrast-enhanced MR angiography (MRA), cardiac MRI, and perfusion MRI].

Then how does it work? When a specific amount of contrast media is loaded into the syringe, a pressure device is used to increase the pressure in the syringe, moving the plunger downward and delivering the contrast media into the patient. Syringe pressure is precisely controlled by pump or air pressure, ensuring precise pressure and injection speed. During the injection process, the doctor can carefully observe the flow of the contrast agent and adjust the specifications according to the patient's condition. The greatly facilitates the injection of contrast agents.

In the past, medical staff used hand-push CT /MRI/Angiography scans. The disadvantages were that they could not accurately control the injection speed of the contrast agent, the injection volume was uneven, and a large injection force was required. With a high pressure injector, contrast media can be injected into the patient more conveniently and quickly, reducing the waste of contrast media and the risk of contamination.

So far, LnkMed has researched and produced a whole range of contrast media injectors: CT single head injector, CT double head injector, MRI injector and Angiography injector. Each model is built by a team with rich R&D experience and is more intelligent, flexible and safer. Our CT, MRI, Angiography injectors are waterproof and use Bluetooth communication (convenient for operators to install and use). They can better cooperate with different types of scanning and imaging in various departments, and accurately preset the enhancement site, injection speed, and total amount of contrast agent. and delay time. These reliable, economical and efficient features are the real reasons why our products are so popular among customers and medical staff. All employees of LnkMed hope to contribute to the development of imaging diagnosis by continuously providing high-quality contrast media injectors to the market.

This article briefly introduces the basic knowledge of high pressure injectors. The next article will focus on CT contrast media injectors. If you are interested, please click the link below to learn more:

Mobility, Simplicity, Reliability-achieving those goals by acquiring a ct contrast-injector system from LnkMed.

Post time: Nov-08-2023